Lifeline Homes debt management

Lifeline homes is a debt management company which can assist with all types of personal debts, specialising in mortgage debt.

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We will negotiate on your behalf with the banks and financial institutions to reach a realistic repayment agreement or settlement.

How Can Lifeline homes help me?

We understand that it can be intimidating to deal with your financial service providers when you are in financial difficulties and facing mounting arrears. We can deal directly with these financial institutions on your behalf to try to come to a realistic payment proposal to keep you in your home, to try to reduce crippling debts to a more manageable level and to give you more time to reduce or clear your debt. We can take the pressure off you by dealing with all correspondence on your behalf and will keep you updated at every stage in the process.

We can also negotiate to freeze or reduce the interest and penalties on your personal and mortgage debt.

What if legal proceedings have already commenced?

We can still help you if legal proceedings have commenced, we can help at any stage during the courts process even if the courts have made a possession order. We can also negotiate with the sheriff on your behalf.


We offer our services nationwide and can offer you a FREE no obligation consultation.

We charge a small one off fee for our services, we do not charge you any ongoing monthly charges.

To contact us for your free consultation please contact Eddie Colfer at 087-2683080or email us at info@lifelinehomes.ie



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