Seal pup released back into the wild

Locals in Wicklow Town gathered on Travelahawk Beach yesterday afternoon to witness the release of Cara the seal back into the wild.

Cara, now two months old, was rescued in October on the Murrough after she became stranded on the beach out of reach of her mother.

After discovering the pup on the beach, sisters Joanna and Sharon Weadick spent the entire day watching over Cara until members of the Irish Seal Sanctuary (ISS) arrived.

Cara has spent the last two months in the care of the ISS, whose members now hope she can survive in her natural environment despite her inexperience.

“Cara thrived throughout her rehab but is extremely inexperienced of sea and has limited experience of other seals,” Brendan Price of the ISS said. “She is somewhat imprinted and very vocal, still a baby, though she is blubbered up with a fortnight’s reserves to carry her through early release and learning to cope with her own natural environment.”

It is now hoped that Cara will join up with the local colony of seals at Bride’s Head, south of Travelahawk Beach.

Johanna and Sharon Weadick with Brendan Price from the Irish Seal Sanctuary. (Pic: Ceaneacht O’Hoctun)
Johanna and Sharon Weadick release Cara the seal back into wild. (Pic Ceanacht O’Hoctun)

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