Wicklow Weather issue red weather alert

Severe risk to coastal counties of Connacht, South Leinster, Munster of destructive hurricane speed winds topping 150kmh in exposed locations. Other areas will also see damaging winds.
Expect coastal flooding with a med to high risk of storm surge and inland counties can also expect spot flooding.
Please prepare accordingly for power outages and transport delays and probably cancellations to air, sea, rail throughout tomorrow.
The following timeline should be followed
Today: 5pm onwards avoid unnecessary travel or commutes
Tomorrow: Midnight to 1800HRS avoid unnecessary travel or commutes

Wicklow Weather will continue to issue updates on major road networks and on our electricity networks and of course air,sea and rail over the coming 36 hours.
Please check in on elderly neighbours if you can.

This is the first time we have ever issued a red warning so please heed it and make alternative arrangements. Buy some decent candles and or a torch today. NOTE: Like all incoming severe weather events there is always a possible last minute change.

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