An accident that was waiting to happen – Doran

Cllr. Pat Doran say’s that a incident that occurred outside Carnew recently was something that he had been afraid of, and had been  highlighting for many years, that it was an accident waiting to happen.pat doran 2 (2)
” A young chap had to be taken to hospital and a motorist was left shocked and traumatised as a result of an accident which in my opinion would not have happened if Wicklow County Council had sorted the issue of the travellers halting site at the Slappers Cross.”
” The situation is that there are at least four families living on County Council owned ground at the cross. This unauthorised and unofficial halting site is the last in County Wicklow and is on what’s definitely one of the most dangerous junctions in the county.
“It’s at the crossroads which is the main road from this area into County Wexford, in fact it is the route that the artics and heavy traffic from the nearby Kerry Food’s in Shillelagh, take on their way to Rosslare with their exports. “
” There is an accident at this crossroads at least once a month, this time it could have been extremely serious.
Children and adults walking along an unlit country road, wearing dark clothing, two or three abreast cars meeting around narrow bends, it didn’t take a genius to see what could happen”
“This is a health and safety issue not only for the pedestrians but also the motorists, it’s a scary situation when you come around a bend, meeting lights and are faced with people walking on the middle of the road”
Cllr. Doran insists that Wicklow County Council must to do something to resolve this situation before it’s too late.

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