Traffic flow changes on Oldcourt Park Road, Bray

Bray Town Council have voted to change the traffic flow on Oldcourt Park Road in an effort to improve safety in the area for local residents.

The council’s plan will see the construction of a traffic island and chicane midway along the road at the green area at the end of Oldcourt Avenue.

This will allow for one-way traffic coming from the Boghall Road side to pass through to the Killarney Road.

Traffic coming from the Killarney Road will no longer be allowed access to the Boghall Road and will have to exit the road via the lights at the Killarney Road junction.

The new measures will come into effect next month and the council hope it will reduce the volume of traffic and make the road — in particular the Boghall Road end — safer for local residents.

The scheme will be reviewed after a six-month period to establish if it is working and if any adjustments are required.

“The Oldcourt Park Road Safety Group that the local residents established to campaign for improved road safety measures has done a great job over the past year and a half highlighting the issues that residents face on a daily basis,” Councillor David Grant said.

“There is good support among the community for these new proposals and I am confident that they will achieve the objective that the local committee wanted, to make their area safer, to enhance the residential amenity of the road and to improve the local environment.”

Cllr John Brady gave a cautious welcome to the new plans, but said additional traffic calming measures may need to be installed.

“The plan I believe will address the issues the residents are experiencing, however additional traffic calming measures will be needed along the Old Soldiers Road and stringent enforcement needs to take place to ensure motorists don’t enter the one-way section from the wrong direction.

“Red Light Enforcement Cameras which are undergoing testing in Dublin should be looked at with a view of installing them as part of the scheme,” Brady said. “Changes to the parking arrangements for the residents of St. Claire’s Terrace are also needed to ensure the cars of local residents are protected by removing them from the road side.”


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