Intelligent Spirits know we are investigating them at Wicklow Gaol

WIcklow Gaol Halloween

A leading group of paranormal investigators will reduce their use of recording equipment in order to gain the trust of spirits at Wicklow’s Haunted Gaol this weekend.

Paranormal Searchers & Investigators Ireland (P.S.I.I.) are returning to the Gaol this Saturday night to host a public investigation following strange experiences by the entire team during a visit last month.

P.S.S.I. says the spirits are wise to the investigators and clam up when they notice recording devices.

Joint team leader, Eoin McCauley:

“We feel the spirits within the prison are highly intelligent in that they kept quiet when we turned on recording devices.  All the team heard voices and saw movement but once the cameras went on the spirits toned it down.”

“There was plenty of activity on the night including a levitating table and our SB7 spirit box, which allows spirit to communicate verbally with us, was very active in the main hotspots of the building.”

“There have been investigations in the prison before and by leaders in the field including Ghost Hunters International, so the spirits do know what is going on!”

This Saturday evening, members of the public can join in the night-time investigation and experience the strange activity themselves:

“During the public investigation we will set up a few cameras only in certain areas of the prison, in an effort to gain the trust of the spirits and to then hopefully get some substantial evidence of paranormal activity on the night.”

Eoin explains there are two types of hauntings:

“The building seems to have both types of hauntings , those being residual and intelligent. A residual haunting is like a replay of events taking place over and over again. “A ghost” is not actually present in spirit , it is a replay of something that took place during the life of that particular ghost”

“An Intelligent haunting, well that is an actual spirit of a person that once walked the earth like you or I. They are grounded or in visitation from their astral plain for any number of reasons”

Eoin says the team is very excited about this Saturday’s investigation:

“Going by our previous investigation activity and also using the new equipment we are extremely excited that it is highly likely every member of the public will experience some

form of paranormal activity.”

“Though again we have no control over spirit so it is really their call if they come out to play..”

“Respect is the key to gaining evidence. If people have alcohol on them or carry on, this shows disrespect to spirit and they will not interact with us or the public, so I want to make it clear that the event carries a strict No alcohol policy as does the team.”

“This is a Real paranormal investigation so again anything could happen, so I ask people to be prepared for activity but also to be prepared for those down times.


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