McLoughlin: Greystones Garda Station not fit for purpose

Following a recent visit to Greystones Garda Station, Cllr Gráinne Mc Loughlin was appalled at the condition of the station and the dreadful conditions, Greystones Gardaí have to work in.

“In the past week, due to being defamed on Facebook on the various Greystones public forums, I had cause to spend a couple of hours in the station to give a full statement.  The conditions in the station are just dreadful.

“Large areas of paint peeling off the walls, doors that do not seal, no Wi-Fi or general e mail facilities and general working conditions that would not be acceptable to anyone in the private sector.  Our Gardaí in Greystones do a fantastic job and it is simply not good enough that they have to work in these conditions.  Even the changing facilities for the female Gardaí are just not fit for purpose.

“The Greystones Gardaí need a new station and I do not accept that it will not happen for years.  In my opinion, it is not fit for purpose for either those that work there or indeed those that have to visit – whether having been arrested or like myself going to make a statement or any other matter.

“I personally will lobby vigorously for the Greystones Station to be moved to the top of the list and a new station provided for the town,” Cllr McLoughlin concluded.

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