Are Dublin politics the real reason for our water shortage in Wicklow?

The interrupted supply of water to the Kilmacanogue and Enniskerry area is totally unacceptable, and to add insult to injury the Dublin areas are not sharing the load. At the last meeting of Wicklow County Council Christopher Fox called on the Dublin areas to share the burden and ease the water shortages being experienced by Wicklow Residents. It seems however that the Dublin supply has priority over Wicklow, which is unfair and unjust. Obviously an interrupted water supply in Dublin would cause chaos for Government parties on the campaign trail.

The treatment of Wicklow residents is disgraceful says Cllr Fox, with families now without water for two weeks. Contact with Irish Water on the matter will simply earn you the reply that “major investment is needed” but when the water will be back to normal is beyond their knowledge. Last year the water supply was gone for almost 7 weeks. This year it has been interrupted even earlier.

We know major investment is needed, and we know that the infrastructure is outdated, but what we don’t know is why Wicklows’ water is being sacrificed to save face in Dublin. Cllr Fox would urge all residents who are affected by the water shortages to continuously contact Irish Water to lobby them, until they rectify the problem permanently.

This is not a situation which should be tolerated or accepted as a “seasonal problem due to algae”. It needs to be sorted immediately, and it needs to be sorted permanently.

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