Chiller killer cleans up at Wicklow village

The Irish Daily Star claims today that freezer killer Eddie Griffin spent 10 hours over two days cleaning the grounds of the local church in Aughrim this week, Griffin also walked to the local Londis store with another inmate to buy soft drinks.

A reporter and photographer with the Star said that within seconds of Griffin being photographed the killer angrily approached them demanding to know what the photographs were for.

The Galway drug dealer beat his criminal associate Peter McCormack to death with a wheel brace and hid his body in a freezer for 5 years, he was jailed for eight years in 2009 for manslaughter.

It is believed that last month Griffin was moved to Shelton Abbey open prison from a high security midlands prison at the request of a Fianna Fail TD.

Inmates at Shelton Abbey are used at many businesses throughout Wicklow on a voluntary basis.




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