Gardai close in on vandals who caused damage to school astro pitch


Gardai in Wicklow town are following a definite line of inquiry after extensive damage was caused to the new all purpose astro pitch at East Glendalough school.

A spokes person for the school said “The astro pitch in East Glendalough is now unusable and expensive to repair.

We have video footage of a teenager male throwing stones at and destroying a cctv camera.

There is a gang of between forty and sixty gathering each evening on the astro pitch.

Some have been identified. Some ordered Chinese and left the receipt, with their phone number, in the litter pile on the pitch.

All that can be identified will be and the gardai in Wicklow are aware, and will follow it up.I am asking parents in the town do you know where your children are ?, if you don’t know, take a stroll onto the Astro pitch in Egs, it may surprise you! Used condoms, beer cans, vandalism and none older than 18 or so.”

If you can assist the gardai call at 0404 60140.

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