Karen’s Recovery Fund

Karen McGettigan’s life and the lives of her daughters Jude and Lucy were drastically changed when Karen was involved in a serious car crash on Wednesday 15th October at the Woodenbridge and sustained a major brain injury.

Following a period of sedation Karen is now becoming more conscious every day but has a long, challenging, potentially frustrating recovery ahead of her as she re-learns things that we all may take for granted… walking, being able to do everyday things like brush her teeth or make a phone call. Karen’s bubbly personality and sense of humour do not seem to have been diminished by the crash as she smiles to greet those visiting her or rolls her eyes at the exertion of demanding physiotherapy!

We’re incredibly lucky that Karen is alive and so grateful for the small improvements that have been made so far… but it is going to take a long time for her to recover and as yet we do not know what long-term effects and adjustments Karen and her family may have to face.

To ease things for Karen and her daughters Jude and Lucy we are Setting up this site for any of you who are in a position to and who may wish to make a financial contribution however understandably, the challenge in a situation such as this reaches far beyond merely the financial one. Establishing a normal routine into the lives of the girls in Karens prolonged absence is paramount and while Alan and her family will do a fantastic job, the situation is challenging for all involved. Therefore contributions of any type, not only financial would be greatly appreciated. A helping hand in any shape or form will be greatly received.

Karen has a very strong faith and belief in God so please do continue to pray for her.

Many thanks for your support so far for Karen and her girls.

You can donate to Karen’s recovery fund at GoFund Me Here

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