Wicklow weather issue warning for coastal counties

Winds of 70/90kmh nationwide with gusts in excess of 110kmh over exposed inland areas and coasts.

Areas of Ulster and Connacht can expect power outages, delays or cancellations to air (all Irish airports and ports), sea and some rail services Dangerous driving conditions nationwide tomorrow with branches and general debris on roads.

Coastal areas of Nth Muster, Ulster and Connacht can expect coastal breaches and damage to existing erosion protections due to very high seas of 20m+ tomorrow.

Avoid ALL coastal areas over the next 48hrs as such strong ocean energy will create freak waves etc even after this wind storm has passed.

Tomorrow afternoon and evening temps will drop back across the country leading to some wintry conditions over the northern half of the country with overall temps feeling very cold in almost all areas.

We will most likely issue a separate weather advisory tomorrow for the time period of Thursday and Fri for adverse wintry outbreaks which could even cause problems at lower levels.

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