More snow on the way as bitterly cold weather set to continue

The cold snap that has been gripping the country for the last few days looks set to continue well into next week according to forecasters.

Wicklow Weather have issued an advisory for adverse weather conditions early next week with Sleet, Snow and bitterly cold temperatures all likely for most of the country.

From Monday onwards, we are likely to see extremely cold temperatures nationwide with lows of -8c possible.There is also a light to moderate risk of disruptive wintry weather but there is no certainty on the where and when this weather will hit, the forecaster says.

At the moment it is not certain how bad next weeks cold spell is likely to be but the Aughrim based forecaster has issued an advisory to increase awareness for a potential extreme cold spell next week.

Gardai are advising motorists to avoid the Sally Gap (file photo)

Gardai are advising motorists to avoid the Sally Gap (file photo)

The Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team have also advised people to avoid high ground and upland areas with gales over exposed ground bitter wind-chill and dangerous under foot conditions

The two main routes across the Sally Gap also remain closed due to snow and Gardai are advising motorists to avoid the area.

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