Kim Hayden reviews 50 Shades

Kim Hayden

Kim Hayden

With the all the excitement surrounding the release of 50 Shades of Grey, we asked singer Kim Hayden to give her thoughts on the film.

Kim is currently with new girl band Lir as well as working on her own career, her facebook page has become a hit as requests for songs with her famous Minnon are viewed by thousands weekly.

Here are Kim’s thoughts on the movie.

I was so excited to see the movie as I did read the books and of course all the hype around the movie was exciting too.

Sometimes I think this can be a curse for movies though as when there is a lot of hype around something it can end up disappointing, also when there has been a book before the movie you have your own imagination & then the movie isn’t what you imagined well in this case of course the movie will disappoint you.

This was the case for me unfortunately I was instantly disappointed in the first 10 minutes I felt no chemistry between Anastasia & Christian on screen but in the book the chemistry was what kept me hooked.

I absolutely love a good love story eg. Moulin Rouge / Notebook & of course Titanic the chemistry between the characters in these movies was so believable you could feel it and you nearly want to see them be together in real life haha, I just felt with 50 shades of Grey they really didn’t make that connection in the movie.

I know they are all completely different stories but I just didn’t feel that love at first site spark from the characters in 50 shades.

I felt watching it the actors were uncomfortable which made me uncomfortable. The natural innocence from Anastasia I felt wasn’t captured in the movie & that natural darkness from Christian in the book I just didn’t believe it in the movie. Maybe if I didn’t read the book it would have been a good watch, but after reading the books I didn’t feel the same excitement watching the movie as I did reading the books.

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