Birdwatch Ireland Wicklow events

(Pic.Eugene Whelan, East Coast Video Productions)

Details of our upcoming events in March as follows:

Tuesday 10th March: Bray Head Seabird Project and BirdTrack workshop, Glenview Hotel, near the Glen of the Downs at 8pm. For more details, please see the Facebookevent page.

Dr. Stephen Newton (BirdWatch Ireland Seabird Conservation Officer) will give a short talk on the Bray Head Seabird Project due to start this April where we will be training branch members in seabird survey techniques and undertaking a full census of the seabird colony along the Bray Head cliff walk.

This will be followed up by a workshop/tutorial given by Niall Keogh (Wicklow Branch Chairman) in the use of BirdTrack, the online recording system for birds used across Ireland and Britain. Please bring along your laptops and smart phones for this section of the event for those of you interested in using BirdTrack.

BirdTrack website: www.birdtrack.net 

Seabird Monitoring Program: http://jncc.defra.gov.uk/page-1550

Saturday 21st March: Outing along the coast at Kilcoole to look for early Spring migrants (Wheatear, Sandwich Tern, Sand Martin etc.) and late winter visitors (Light-bellied Brent Geese, Golden Plover etc.). Meet at Kilcoole train station car park at 10am. For more details, please see the Facebook event page.

Appeal for Woodpecker sightings: We’ve received three separate reports from members of the public in recent days of drumming Great Spotted Woodpeckers in the county. Now is a great time to identify woodpecker territories in the Wicklow woodlands as pairs will be quite vocal when setting up and defending their breeding sites. Drumming can be heard at any time of day but is most active in the early morning. Please let us know if you see or hear any Great Spotted Woodpeckers this Spring so we can log the records with the BirdWatch Ireland woodpecker team and keep an eye on the fortunes of the most recent addition to our avifauna.

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