Valuable violin stolen from tourist at Wicklow beauty spot

Kuttner violin

Gardai in Rathdrum are appealing to the public after a valuable violin was stolen from a car in the Wicklow hills last Friday.

American tourist Craig Bishop Lee from Chicago only arrived in Ireland on Thursday.

Mr Bishop Lee was visting a violin bow-maker in Co.Carlow and took his violin along with him.

On the way back he stopped at the Wicklow Gap to take in the scenery, while what he described as only moments away form his hired car, he returned to find the passenger window smashed, the violin along with his personal belongings and passport gone.

People are asked to report any information they have to the Garda in Rathdrum 0404 46206 and to put the word out for a violin with the following label “Francis Kuttner 1993” – the name of the violin maker who made the instrument for Lee so long ago. Cremonisium Disciplus is also printed inside the violin which has an orange varnish and a peg box edged with black ink.

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