High flying bird visits Arklow

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Arklow photographer Yvette O’Beirne snapped a rare visitor to our shores while out with her camera at the local duck pond this morning.

What looked to be a cross between a goose and a heron turned out to be a bar-headed goose which is found in the mountain lakes of South Asia. The geese have been recorded at heights of more than 7,000m (23,000ft).

According to the BBC Wildlife website, George Lowe, the New Zealand born climber who supported Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay’s ascent in 1953, said he had seen the geese flying over the top of Mount Everest – the peak is approximately 29,000ft.

Bar-headed geese have fascinated biologists for decades.

They achieve physiological feats that seem impossible – flying at extreme altitude, where there is less than 10% the oxygen found at sea level.

Yvette told Wicklownews.net ” It was very friendly and came over to me with all the other geese and ducks to be fed.”

(Pics.Yvette O’Beirne)



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