Jurors told to excuse themselves if they have expressed views on Anglo or the Banking crisis on social media

Potential jurors in the case of Sean Fitzpatrick have been told to excuse themselves from selection if they have expressed views on Anglo Irish Bank, the banking crisis or bankers in general on social media or any other public forum in the past.

Judge Mary Ellen Ring told potential jurors today that if they have expressed views on any of the above they should not serve because it might embarrass them if it came out at a later date.

She also said that anyone who had held shares in the former bank or any other bank should also excuse themselves from service.

The Greystones man is charged with failing to disclose to Ernst & Young, auditors of Anglo Irish Bank, the true value of loans given to him or people connected to him between 2002 and 2007.

He pleaded not guilty to all charges when they were leveled to him this morning.

The trial is due to begin next Monday and is expected to last until May 29th

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