Shopping local in Arklow turns into a good Friday for Brigid

Shopping local at Kavanagh’s newsagents on the Wexford road in Arklow pays off, again.

Colm Kavanagh said this of the lateest winner this morning.

“Our congratulations today to Brigid O’Connell, who breezed into the shop a little earlier this morning holding aloft a lovely little yellow ticket with 686 upon it.

Those who purchase magazines in our shop will already know that for every magazine you purchase, you receive a ticket for our monthly MAGAZINE MADNESS draw and we offer €100 per month to one lucky customer: our way of saying ‘thank you for shopping local, keeping it local’. If it is not claimed within the designated time allowed, it then rolls over, with a further €100 added to the following monthly draw.

Our previous biggest winners include two lucky ladies who won €600 and €800 respectively! All for simply buying a magazine – any magazine – in a local shop! This month, we had a total of €400 on offer and Brigid was naturally delighted to see one of her tickets coming up trumps! It transpires though, we think, that fate intervened.

She purchased two magazine titles last Thursday morning (March 26) and just before leaving, she asked a member of staff “do you sell any camera magazines?” Now……most of you might know, we stock magazine titles covering a wide range of interests…..and have a maxim that “if we ain’t got it, we’ll get it….”, and Brigid was shown to the far end of our magazine stand where we housed all our camera and photography titles.

She recognised the magazine she had been asked to purchase, and in doing so was given a yellow ticket……number 686……and it is this very ticket that has seen her leave the shop this morning with an added €400 in her purse……turning Good Friday into a Very Good Friday!!! From all at Kavanagh’s Wexford Road Arklow, we offer our congratulations Brigid, and thank you and everyone else for continuing to support us in our business as we endeavour to offer something back via our Magazine Madness Monthly Draw!”

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