Ferris returns to Parliamentary Labour Party

At today’s meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party, a request by Anne Ferris to rejoin was agreed unanimously.

Emmet Stagg said: “I’m delighted to welcome Anne back to the Parliamentary Labour Party.

“Although outside the PLP, Anne has remained a Party member and hasn’t voted against us since she lost the whip in February.

“I’m also aware that she is looking forward to being formally selected as a Labour candidate for Wicklow, and is already out campaigning on doorsteps in her constituency.”

Joan Burton said: “It’s really great to have Anne back in the fold. She is a great friend and colleague and has been an inspiration to us all when it comes to issues such as adoption and women’s rights.

“We are making great progress on Adoption Tracing legislation and I would to thank Anne for the contribution she has made in making this happen.”

Anne Ferris said: “I’m really happy to be making a return to the Parliamentary Labour Party, and I would like to thank all my parliamentary colleagues for their support.

“I’m now looking forward to getting down to the business of contesting the General Election for Labour Party in Wicklow.”

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