Warning from Redcross Community Alert


***** COMMUNITY ALERT ***** 2 House Robberies in last 48 hours in broad daylight at Barniskey and a house on the Ballykeane Loop, Redcross. Female aged 20-30, brown hair, driving 02 Dublin Fiesta (red or gray in colour) Asked for directions while her partner entered one premises from the back.

The second property was entered and alarm went off, house was completely ransacked. This is on the back of what is believed to be the same crew that stole handbag from car at Cullen Park while the kids were in the playground.

Please be vigilant. DON’T IGNORE an alarm going off. Keep doors LOCKED especially during the day. If you’ve a monitored alarm make sure to tell your key holders when you are going away.

TELL your neighbours when you are going away and ask them to empty post box, turn on lights, and maybe park a car there occasionally.

If you see ANYTHING suspicious do not hesitate to call the Gardaí, a house owner and we can post on Cullen Park Facebook. Please share on your Facebook as these operators may be moving to surrounding areas.

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