Wicklow musician pleads for return of rare guitars which were stolen from his home

Eamon Sweeney, who is a member of the renowned Gregory Walkers, as well as other ensemble acts, was stunned to be told that seven of the precious instruments were stolen during the break-in last week, while he was on holiday.

The musicians home in Wicklow was burgled and 7 instruments stolen. Some are unusual, historical guitars and very rare in Ireland. The instruments are:

1. Baroque Guitar – by Ivo Magherini: a high quality copy of a 17th century instrument, pictured below. Strung with 5 sets of double strings, except the 1st string left as a single-string. Very beautiful ‘pagoda’ rose decoration in the soundhole.
2. Baroque Guitar – by Los Utreras ‘Wendy y Tacho’: similar to the above but looking a bit more like a natural wood regular guitar. Strung with 5 sets of double string, except the 1st string left as a single-string. No soundhole decoration
3. Classical Guitar – by Joaquin Garcia: high quality, hand-made, spruce top concert guitar. Unusually it has an end-pin ‘strap button’ recently fitted.
4. Classical Guitar – by Alvaro: Standard electro-acoustic nylon-string guitar.
5. 7-course Renaissance Lute – by Harry McCormack: a copy of a ‘Robin Hood’ type of 16th century instrument. Strung with 7 sets of double strings, except the 1st string left as a single-string. Similar instrument picture below.
6. Electric Guitar: Aria Pro II natural wood finish: double cutaway – 2 humbuckers.
7. Electric Guitar: Black Stratocaster copy with white pickguard & humbucker in bridge position.

There is a reward offered for information leading to the recovery of the guitars.

If you have been offered any of these instruments contact the Gardai in Wicklow at  0404 60140

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