Message from Arklow Calais Refugee Solidarity Movement

Arklow Calais Refugee Solidarity Movement  have received a very generous offer of an articulated truck and driver who are giving their time and expenses to drive the Arklow donations to Cork!!

The only time he can leave is Friday morning at dawn, which means we have to get AS MUCH AS WE CAN onto this truck on Thursday evening!!!

We really hoping that Arklow people can fill this truck and make the most of this wonderful gift!! Please, if you have donations to make, leave them into Arus Lorcain on THURSDAY between 9.30 and 4.30.

Please urge all your friends also.

We are looking for a human chain to be there at 5.30 on Thursday so that we can load the truck in a short time. Many hands make light work!!

We are nervous in case we don’t get enough to fill an articulated truck so please prove us wrong!!!

We have some fantastic offers for transport for Saturday also but would like to fill this huge lorry first so that we can be as efficient as possible.

If you have any queries visit the Arklow Calais Refugee Solidarity Movement facebook .

Please also label and package items clearly and stick to the priority listed items (as there is no storage facility for items not on the list at present). The appeal will be over after the weekend so lets show these people that Arklow people really care!!

Thanks so much to Elaine and Anthony Hughes for coordinating with Dudley Annesley for this wonderful effort.

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