Thoughts of a victim of crime in Arklow as case is struck out

What kind of society are we actually living in these days?

I went to work earlier this morning, and when the opportunity arose, I thumbed a quick flick through the local newspaper, on the newsstand every Wednesday. Imagine therefore my surprise, turning to page 14, to read an article relating to a crime, a robbery that took place in our own store some months back, whereby the accused thrust forward a syringe at a female member of staff, in the process of robbing the place and charges being struck out against the individual concerned.

I was stunned. Literally stunned, stuck for words. But what probably upset me as much was not knowing this had gone to court, and we’d been told nothing. To read of the outcome firstly in the newspaper – that is disappointing to say the least.

This individual, I’d like to remind some of the supposed “do-gooders”, has a list the length of his arm, “previous” as some might call it. Comes a time when such a person *should* be made accountable for their actions. How would you react upon hearing about an individual who had robbed you, and thrust a syringe in your direction, that the Judge had struck out all charges? Impressed? I doubt it…

Removing my own emotion from the equation, in relation to the actions of this individual’s legal representation – he is only doing his job. Yeah, I too might not like the outcome of this sorry tale, but I can appreciate a person only doing their job, as charged. You will notice I have redacted names from the article. This is because I believe this particular case might yet come again before the Judge at a later date this year, and even though this individual’s name is in the public domain, I’d rather not give him any scope at all.

Ask any business owner how they would feel if a member of staff was hurt in an incident similar to this – and you will find that most business owners take these things very personally. In this instance, I cannot commend my member of staff highly enough for the manner in which she dealt with a horrible situation.
Sadly, this is not the first time we have become the victim of a violent assault in the process of being robbed. And no one ever charged or indeed held accountable. The same names continue to fill the pages of the local newspaper; the same cases continually adjourned – it’s like Groundhog Day revisited, again and again and again.

And, do you know what’s lost in conversation when talking about incidents like this? The fact that so many elderly people in our community live in fear. Fear from the minute they wake up in the morning to the time they get the head down for the night. A very recent case, in Bray, where an elderly lady – in her nineties – only serves to hammer (sic) home the message that society here is well and truly fcuked up.

We’ve all taken our eye off the ball, regarding the bigger picture, how we deem to shape our society. I’ve done well to get this far without using the term “scum” to describe certain types of individuals (I’ll refrain from using the term ‘human’!). In a society where, literally, you pay a greater debt to that society for driving ten kilometres over a speed limit, than you do for armed robbery and assault – has anyone in a position of power to do so actually stood up to tackle the issue head on?

Sadly, today’s topical issue; tomorrow’s chip paper.

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