Site identified for €30m Arklow Wastewater Treatment Plant

Irish water have confirmed that the preferred site for the wastewater plant in Arklow is at the old Gypsum wallboard factory site on North quay, Arklow.

Councillor Pat Fitzgerald stated that the plant if built would cater for a population of 36,000 people.

The next stage in the project he stated is the undertaking of an Environmental Impact Assessment which will take 12 months and which will form part of the planning application.

Councillor Fitzgerald stated that Irish water will keep people updated during the period by means of regular updates on the project website and through updates on local media.

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to be carried out immediately at the preferred site which will examine in detail the issues of concern which were raised during the consultation periods including: odour, noise & vibration, visual impact, traffic disruption, flooding and Development Plan policies and objectives. This is expected to take approximately 12 months to complete and will form the basis for a planning application.

The proposed project, which is estimated to cost in the region of €30 million will include:
· A new Wastewater Treatment Plant and pumping stations to treat wastewater for a population equivalent of 36,000.

· A pipeline to bring untreated wastewater to the Wastewater Treatment Plant and to bring treated wastewater from the plant to the outfall.

· An outfall pipe to safely discharge the treated wastewater to the Irish Sea or the Avoca River.

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