Wicklow County Council preparations for Storm Frank

Since early December the Council’s Crisis Management Team has been monitoring developments throughout the county as a result of the many different weather alerts that have been issued.

All weather alerts received have been circulated to appropriate staff so as to enable the Council to put in place contingency arrangements.

 Mr Bryan Doyle, Chief Executive, has today (Tuesday) been in contact with each Municipal District Manager to discuss the Council’s state of preparedness for any flood/storm damage event that may arise from Storm Frank.

Each Municipal District has confirmed that staff resources are available to provide sandbags/other emergency support if required.

The Council’s Civil Defence Team is on full alert and has put in place contingency arrangements including:


  • The provision of sandbags {in conjunction with each Municipal District} at a no of different locations
  • The provision of water pumps
  • The provision of vehicles to provide transport etc if required


The Council’s Fire Service is also on standby to provide emergency support if required.

The Public are to be advised to stay away from coasts. “Stay safe, stay high, stay dry”

All Council Offices will reopen tomorrow (Weds) morning at 9.00am following the Christmas break.

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