TIMMINS Warns VARADKAR to stick to the day job

RENUA Ireland Deputy Leader Billy Timmins has told Health Minister Leo Varadkar that the public are growing weary about his public prognostications about everything under the sun barring his day job.

Mr Timmins said

”The voters would be far happier with Mr Varadkar were he to do his day job instead of playing ‘fantasy politics’ on the air-waves on a daily basis with ill-formed speculative pieces about post election coalition formations which he will have nothing to do with.

Indeed, given his non performance in Health many now believe that Mr Varadkar is turning into a fantasy Health Minister who is present in his Department in theory rather than practice.

We hear much commentary from him about the state of the service and the failings of his predecessors but action is distinctly absent.”

Deputy Billy Timmins also slammed Mr Varadkar’s dismissal of RENUA’s red-line positions. He said:

”It is sad to see how quickly any sense of idealism has been eroded from Mr Varadkar’s political persona by the delights of office.

It may come as a surprise to Minister Varadkar that some politicians put their beliefs, convictions and doing what they believe to be the right thing, ahead of what might be advantageous to them and their political career.

His politics of the Pygmalion is what has brought politics and politicians into disrepute over the last number of years, with ‘my principals are for sale’ at the forefront.

Politics would be all the better were Mr Varadkar to rekindle his love affair, prior to entering office or if he were to devote his energies to dealing with the many problems in the health service.

Mr Varadkar is when it comes to conviction politics now trading on reputation rather than reality.

Increasingly he brings to mind the famous line by Grouch Marx of here are my principles and if you don’t like those ones I have others.

If minister Varadkar continues to espouse those political non principles he may yet learn some day that those who stand for nothing end up with nothing. ”

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