Social Democrats Manifesto Does Not Stand up to Scrutiny – Cuffe

Fianna Fáil general election candidate for Wicklow, Cllr. Jennifer Cuffe has questioned the validity of the Social Democrats Manifesto given that the entire document is completely uncosted.

Commenting on the issue Cllr. Cuffe said: “The Social Democrats are being disingenuous presenting themselves as being the party of fiscal responsibility when not one of the approximately 160 individual promises in their Manifesto is costed.

“They commit for example to extending maternity/paternity leave to 52 weeks over 3 budgets and yet there is no reference whatsoever to what this will actually cost. Fianna Fáil has costed this measure alone at €273m, and this is only one of their 160 uncosted proposals.

“While the Social Democrats are presenting themselves as a pair of steady hands that the electorate should place their trust in the reality is that their uncosted and vague proposals call into question their credibility and their ability to manage the public finances.  It is all well and good having proposals, but they are only aspirations if you don’t know how much they cost and if don’t know if you can actually afford to deliver them.

“Fianna Fáil is the only party that has had their Manifesto costed and verified by an independent body. In Government we will be prudent and we will ensure that our policies deliver a fairer Ireland, an Ireland for all.”

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