Timmins: It’s time to lift our children out of the poverty cycle

Billy Timmins TD has warned that we have to end the scenario where over two hundred thousand children live in households experiencing generational poverty.

He said ”Difficult childhood experiences have serious ongoing consequences.
It can lead to lifelong and generational social exclusion where abusive patterns are repeated.

Each year, billions of Euros are spent on welfare, yet social exclusion is rising.

It’s time to stop this waste of human potential

Many families see the authorities and agencies that seek to assist them as the enemy.

This is not helped by the scenario whereby many different people deal with the family, such as professionals involved in educational assistance, healthcare and social care, as well as juvenile liaison officers.

RENUA Ireland will establish a human face in social policy.

We will establish an Assisted Families Unit, similar to Britain’s Troubled Family Unit.

The unit would have a specific budget and would initially operate on a pilot scheme working with a designated number of families.

It would involve the allocation of a dedicated family worker to identified families.

This family worker would liaise with the relevant state agencies on behalf of the family and operate on the concept of an expanded public health nurse system.

Intervention would be proactive rather than reactive.

The state needs to talk with rather than down at troubled families.

RENUA Ireland will drive that process.”

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