Wicklow is Not for Sale-Brady

John brady

Speaking as the election campaign entered its final few days, Sinn Fein candidate Cllr John Brady has said that the public should not be taken for granted:

“From canvassing across Wicklow and East Carlow it is clear to me that the electorate are intelligent, sophisticated and motivated. However, there is also a sense of deep frustration and despair.

The people are fully aware that despite Fine Gael promises, the crisis in Health is now worse than it was in 2011. They are fully aware that Fianna Fail’s connections and associations with bankers, financiers and developers contributed greatly to the collapse of the economy. They are also aware that the Labour Party broke every promise they made at the time including those on water charges and university fees.  It is therefore not surprising when people feel demoralised and disappointed when it comes to promises being made by the traditional establishment parties.”

Councillor Brady said that having experienced the economic crash and the subsequent imposition of austerity, people are wise to the intentions of parties making promises they simply cannot fulfill:

“Both the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI), have openly criticised the policies of Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and Labour who intend to either abolish or slash the Universal Social Charge to disproportionately favour higher earners. Their plans will seriously undermine the state’s ability to meet public service demands; more worryingly it will erode the tax base in a way that will render the country vulnerable to external global economic shocks. We simply cannot allow the country to be walked into another economic catastrophe because of the lazy indifference of our traditional party establishment who are hungry for power and foolishly believe they can simply buy the election.”

In conclusion Councillor Brady said that there is now an opportunity for voters to elect a progressive government which will always prioritise people over privilege:

“Wicklow, along with the rest of the country is not for sale. Our people deserve to be represented by people who are talented, committed and dedicated. Sinn Fein have a proven record both in the Dail and at council level, standing up for the rights of citizens including those with disabilities, older citizens and workers. Whether it’s fighting for the abolition of water charges and the property tax or repealing cuts to vital public services, we are unyielding in our determination to create a fairer society. Sinn Fein have fully costed, prudent and responsible policies that will put people, business and public services ahead of private selfish interests and brown envelope back handers. I along with the other Sinn Fein TD’s will take home the average industrial wage; we are not here for personal profit or the prestige of power. We are ready and willing to offer an alternative to the political delinquency of Fine Gael, Labour and Fianna Fail.”

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