Illegal deer carcase dump found in Wicklow mountains (viewer discretion advised)

(Picture. Brendan Cullen)

An illegal dump containing a large number of Sika deer carcases has been discovered in the Wicklow Mountains. The dump was located by a local man while walking on an estate adjoining Wicklow National Park. The grim images show a large number of recent and decomposed deer carcases.

The dump is purportedly located near a local water source which could have the potential to spread disease in the area. The matter is currently being investigated by An Garda Síochána, Wicklow County Council and National Parks & Wildlife Service

A spokesperson for the Wild Deer Association of Ireland said “this incident highlights the level of vilification we have seen towards wild deer in the Co Wicklow area, where misleading statements have been made about deer and TB, resulting in deer, a protected species under our Wildlife Acts, being reduced to the level of vermin by some landowners.”

“We strongly condemn this incident, to hunt deer in such a wantonly and wasteful manner is a crime against wildlife.” “This incident is contrary to traditional and best practice deer management where venison is a highly sought after and prized meat by hunters.” “In the absence of a natural predator it falls on man to manage deer numbers, reducing negative impacts on the wider ecosystem, at all times this should be undertaken with regard for animal welfare.”

Anyone with information on this incident should contact Roundwood Garda Station, NPWS Wicklow or Wicklow County Council.