Message from Wicklow Uplands Council after dog attack

Uplands 1

The Wicklow Uplands Council are pleading with dog owners to refrain from taking their dogs for walks in the Wicklow Mountains.

The call comes after a ewe was killed by a dog on Saturday at White road which is located between Sally Gap and the Featherbeds.

The Uplands Council reported “Footprints in the snow show that somebody, presumably the owner, caught the dog and took it away without reporting the incident.”

“If anyone has any information please contact your local garda station, the attack happened between 1 and 3pm.”

Over the Christmas period Wicklow sheep farmers stopped a large number of walkers with dogs from entering the Lugnaquilla area.

Local sheep farmers have told Wicklownews that if people continue to bring dogs with them on walks they will have no option but to withdraw access to established walks in Wicklow.

Such action would be detrimental to tourism in Wicklow.

(Pictures. Wicklow Uplands Council)

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