Motorists advised to drive with caution due to heavy fog

Motorists are being advised to drive with caution tonight as heavy fog is spread across the county.

AA tips for driving in fog.

  • Use dipped headlights, wipers and demisters.
  • Use fog lights when you need to.
  • Don’t rely on automatic lights – they may not come on in fog.
  • Beware of other drivers not using headlights.
  • Don’t rely on Daytime Running Lights alone – they only light the front.
  • Only drive as fast as conditions allow.
  • Keep a greater distance – allow three seconds between you and the car in front.
  • Tailing another car’s rear lights can give a false sense of security and it’s dangerous.
  • Adjust your speed so you can stop in the distance you can see clearly.
  • Don’t speed up to get away from a vehicle that’s too close behind you.
  • Check your mirrors before you slow down.
  • Open your window to listen for traffic at junctions if you can’t see.

Tonight will be dry with clear spells. Cold with lowest temperatures of 2 to 5 degrees with a slight ground frost in places and some mist and fog patches. Winds will be light southerly inland.

Tomorrow, Wednesday will start dry and bright with some sunshine. Becoming breezy and cloudy with rain in the afternoon and evening. Light to moderate south to south-east winds will increase moderate to fresh and gusty, with strong to near gale force and gusty southerly winds in the south. Highest temperatures of 9 to 11 degrees.

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