Son fails to get permission to bury dad in garden

A Donard man has failed in his efforts for permission to bury his dad with his mother in their garden.

Stephen Sacker of Knockandarragh, Donard is seeking prior permission to bury his 92 year old dad, Hugh Sacker with his mother.


When Stephen’s mother Alma died of breast cancer in 1992 a doctor issued a death certificate and her body was buried in the garden of their family home by his dad Hugh and a family friend.

At the time Hugh did not seek permission from the council, but eventually received a letter from Wicklow County Council granting retrospective permission for the grave.

Stephen is now worried that his mother and father will be separated in death if they are to be buried apart.

Last November Wicklow County Council told Stephen he would not get permission to bury his father in the garden and does not consent to any burials in the gardens of properties.

Stephen took to the national airwaves to voice his concern featuring on Joe Duffy’s, Liveline and Newstalk’s, Pat Kenny show.



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