Arklow mother pleads for aid for eye operation for 4 year-old son

Callum Hughes

Callum is 4 year old little boy from Arklow and since a child he has always struggled with his speech.

As he grew bigger we began to worry as he did not seem to be progressing at a normal rate. As the worry grew we took Callum to numerous doctor’s appointments, at these doctor’s appointments we were met with the doctor’s opinion that there was nothing wrong with my little boy.

Not being satisfied we took him to get a hearing test privately which cost us €60 for the test, this was followed by a meeting with the consultant regarding his hearing test this cost us €180.

My worry was now proving to be correct when the consultant told us my boy needed grommets.

On the 23/12/15 Callum went for his procedure to have his grommets inserted.

This procedure cost a total of €1550. With the grommets inserted an additional hearing test was needed costing €50, this was to needed to ensure that it was successful to my delight it was a success.

As time progressed we noticed minor improvements in Callum’s speech.

With extra attention being paid on Callum’s progression I noticed he seemed to be tilting his head both backwards and sideways as if he was struggling with his vision.

I immediately made an appointment to have Callum’s eyes tested, this revealed that Callum was extremely long sighted but was given no prescription glasses.

As I was not satisfied, we decided to seek a second opinion and we were told to go see a specialist as Callum had a turn in his right eye.

With a visit to the consultant needed, this cost an additional €210, we received Callum’s prescription for his glasses.

We then went to search for Callum first pair of glasses.

Frames and lenses totaling €170. As Callum’s turn in his eye was still present a fog was placed in the left lens with the hope that his right eye would realign.

On the 10/03/17 paying €180 we received some bad news, the fog was unsuccessful in the lenses and Callum need an operation named Strabismus Surgery.

The operation is to realign Callum’s right eye, if he does not receive this operation as soon as possible he will lose sight completely in the right eye, waiting time for medical card patients is 2 year to see the consultant and they don’t know how long for surgery.

If I went privately this would cut waiting time down to 5 weeks, unfortunately this surgery cost €3000 and with all options running low to receive the funds I am asking you to donate any amount to help my little boy.

Visit Callum’s GoFundme page here

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