Concern Expressed as Burglaries Soar in Greystones by 150%

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Speaking after Greystones Municipal District council had their quarterly Garda meeting recently, Sinn Fein councillor for the area Nicola Lawless has welcomed the fact that in many areas crime figures are down but she insists a lot of work still needs to be done.

“Figures were given on crimes for the first 2 months of the year compared to the same time last year. Overall most of the figures were down.  It was very positive to see some of the crime figures down and it reflects the good work done by our Gardai here in the Greystones district. “

“Dangerous driving is down by 80%, intoxicated driving by 33% and theft from MPV vehicles is down by 58%. These are very significant decrease and are very welcome. However the figures for burglary are not so heart-warming.”

Cllr lawless said that the increase in Burglary is a cause for concern but she is reassured the Gardaí are getting to grips with it.

“The only crime figure that increased significantly was burglary; this is up by 150% compared to this time last year. The Superintendent informed us that his division have been working extremely hard on combating the problem and are seeing results already. So despite the rise, this is very positive and reassuring for the communities in the district, we have many neighbourhood watch areas and community groups who are willing to play their part in assisting Gardaí with their stellar work in protecting our community.”

“Kilcoole Feet on the Beat are one such group; they have formed a strong committee to help make their village as crime free as possible. Last year this group hosted a street rally and went to as many households in the village as possible collecting signatures. 2,000 residents put a case forward to the Justice Minister to have more Garda resources for the Greystones district.”

Cllr Lawless concluded:

“The community working alongside their Gardaí is a positive and effective way to help prevent crime.  When criminals see an area working together with an alert system and a visible Garda presence they will think twice before chancing their arm.  The main message to people out there is this – Please make sure you report crime and suspicious activity to the Gardaí as soon as possible. If they don’t know about it they can’t help. “

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