Eden Gate residents concerned over safety on Priory Road due to access off the FarranKelly link Road.

Farrankelly road

Sinn Fein Cllr Nicola Lawless was speaking after the Greystones MD meeting on Tuesday evening about the concerns of the residents in Eden Gate. “I was contacted by several residents in the Eden Gate about their concern of the over use of Priory Rd which has steamed from an accident on this road last Saturday. The link Road R774 FarranKelly is the access road to Eden Gate and if you are coming up from Charlesland/ Greystones motorist must drive the full length of the Road and then loop back around and down to access Eden Gate, this takes approximately 3 minutes keeping with in the speed limits.

Cllr Lawless continued most motorist find this an inconvenience and they opt to take the small Priory road to get the Eden Gate, this road is not design for large volumes of traffic and residents have concern for safety of people walking, cycling and all road users on this road with the increase traffic.

Cllr Lawless had brought this to the MD meeting and had also spoken to the engineer about how we could address this problem.

Cllr Lawless said “It really does amaze me that when the road was constructed first why a roundabout was not put in, in the first instance. I have asked the MD Administrator to write firstly to the Gardaí to get figures of accidents on this road and that the engineer would do a traffic survey. Long term down the road we do need a roundabout there and I will be looking to get this on to the development contributions list as well as engaging with Wicklow Co Co Roads and some of the new developers who will be building in the area. The cost for a roundabout would be in the region of €500,000.

Cllr Nicola Lawless concluded “Road safety is always a priority for anybody and road improvements can help to increase this but road users behaviour also plays a big part in this as well.

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