Families unaware of the allegations against Sunbeam House Services

Rebecca O’Connor of East Coast F.M News reports the families of a number of those who avail of Sunbeam House services in Wicklow, say they want to know what action is being taken about a raft of allegations made against the organisation.

A H.S.E. Assurance Review report, which was published online three weeks ago,  but taken down days later, says in a 30 month period,  284 complaints were made, of which 231 required formal investigation.

It makes a number of recommendations including that the service should review its complaints policy and its Safety Incident Management Policy.

The families say they no longer have confidence in the Board or its Managing Director to govern, manage and implement recommendations.

Speaking to East Coast FM’s morning show, one parent said she was completely unaware of the allegations before the report was published and she was horrified by what she read.

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