Good Samaritan beaten in Co.Kildare

A young Kildare woman has spoke out against violence towards woman after she was attacked when she went to aid a woman on Friday night in Naas.

Lisa-Marie suffered facial injures and a broken thumb when she tried to stop the altercation.

Lisa-Maire Brennan turned to Social media to raise awareness.

Lisa marie Brennan 3
Lisa-Marie Brennan

“On Friday 31st of March around 2am in Naas myself and 2 of my friends were walking home from the shop when we saw a sad excuse of a man beating a women.

My first instinct was to go over and help her as I couldn’t stand there and watch that happen little did I know it would be one of the biggest mistakes I ever made.

I told the little scum to get away from her and told her to follow me that she would be safe with us. She was begging for us to help her you could tell she was so scared of him.

She even told me his name and where he lived. I know exactly who he is and where he lives.. I’m not naming him but hes not getting away with this!

Lisa Marie Brennan 1
Lisa-Marie after the attack

This lad was not afraid to hit a girl he threw a punch into my face and I just hit the pavement you could hear the bang and then he continued to go over and punch one of my friends and knocked her to the ground. He left my face in bits and broke my thumb.

He is the lowest of the low and I could only imagine what he did to that girl after.

He hopped in to his silver Passat and shouted over to the girl to get in the car now. She didn’t even hesitate after what happened she ran over hopped in the passenger seat and they drove off.

I’m putting this up because people need to be aware of the sick minded people in this world that don’t care what they do or who they hurt along the way.


Lisa marie Brennan 2This lad was a proper scumbag. I’m lucky because I got away lightly I could have had serious brain injuries or he could of even had a knife. You don’t know what your getting yourself in for even if your only trying to do a good thing the best thing to do from my experience is to not get involved and just ring the guards. As sad as it is there’s just nothing you can do… you cant mess with scum like this.”

Share this please to raise awareness to everyone who see’s things like this happening on a night out or just on a normal day.
Your own health and safety is more important.

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