Irish rail users warned of ‘begging’ scam

Irish Rail has issued a warning to commuters after reports of a “ticket packet begging scam” on the Dart and some Commuter services.

The scam involves a packet of tissues being left on seats along the train and if a person touches the packet they are immediately approached by a number of people disguised as beggars who demand payment for the packets.

It has been reported that the group have gotten aggressive with a number commuters who have refused to hand over money.

Although the group are disguised as beggars, it is understood that they have links with criminal gangs.

Irish Rail spokesperson, Barry Kenny, said that there has been a number of arrests as a result of the scam.

“Initially we had seen some cases on the Maynooth line and some instances were also reported on the DART,”

“Essentially, it’s a criminal gang posing as beggars. It would be sporadic enough but there have been arrests arising out of this behaviour.”

The latest incident happened on Monday when a group entered the Dart at Blackrock station and attempted to sell the packets, however they were noticed and removed by security.

It is also understood that their has been a report of a similar incident on the Dublin to Rosslare service.

Irish Rail will now increase security on their services to deal with the problem.

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