Water safety warning as temperatures rise

With temperatures set to reach 20 degrees Celsius this week, Irish Water Safety has appealed to anyone planning a swim over the coming days to take the utmost caution.
Here are a list of tips should you be visiting the coastline or rivers of Wicklow over the coming days.
Swim with others, never alone.
Avoid swimming in unfamiliar places.
Don‟t swim when you‟re hot or tired.
Allow time to rest after eating or if tired.
Don‟t swim out after anything drifting.
Stay in the water for short periods.
Swim in daylight not in darkness.
Swim parallel and close to the shore.
Pay attention to signs on the beach.
Don‟t be a bully to others in water.
Learn to use equipment before trying it out.
Never use inflatable toys in open water.
Swim in view of Lifeguards and heed their advice.
Wear a Lifejacket with crotch strap when boating or fishing from shore.
Weather outlook for the coming days

Mist and fog patches will clear this morning, giving way to a dry day, with good sunshine in most areas. However, the southwest coast will be cloudier, with a slight chance of a few patches of mist or drizzle. Maximum temperatures 17 to 20 Celsius generally, highest in the west and midwest, but 14 or 15 on northeast, east and southern coasts, in mostly light to moderate easterly breezes.


Tonight will be dry, with clear intervals, but patches of mist and fog will develop. Minimum temperatures 2 to 5 Celsius, in light easterly breezes.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, will be dry, with good sunshine. A little cooler than today, with maximum temperatures of 13 to 17 Celsius, coolest along northern, eastern and southern coasts, in light to moderate easterly winds.


Headline: Mainly dry, settled weather for the rest of this week, continuing into next weekend.

Wednesday night: Dry, with clear spells. In mostly light easterly breezes, a few patches of mist or fog will develop. Cool, with minimum temperatures of 4 to 7 Celsius.

Thursday: Mostly dry, with a mix of cloud and sunny intervals. A few isolated light showers may develop, mainly in southern counties. Maximum temperatures generally 15 or 16 Celsius, but cooler along northern, eastern and southern coasts, due to a moderate east to northeast wind, which will gradually freshen.

Friday: Windy, with fresh easterly winds, but dry in most if not all areas, with sunny spells. There is just a very slight chance of a few isolated light showers, especially in southern coastal areas. The best of the temperatures will be in the west and northwest, with highest values of 15 to 17 degrees, but cooler in the south and east, with highest values of 13 to 15 degrees.

Next weekend: Early indications are that it will be dry, with temperatures gradually increasing countrywide – in the mid to high teens on Saturday, but in the low 20s in many areas on Sunday – all the while cooler along coasts. Winds will gradually decrease over the weekend – mostly moderate easterly winds on Saturday will decrease light to moderate north to northeast by Sunday. Nights will be cool, with mist and fog patches.

Further outlook: Early indications are that Monday and Tuesday will be mainly dry, but some patchy rain may develop in the north on Tuesday.

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