AA warning to motorists

A Status Yellow Rainfall Warning is in place for the whole country until 9pm.

Heavy showers or longer spells of rain with a high risk of thunder and localised flooding will bring rainfall accumulations of up to 35 mm to many areas.

Take extra care when driving on wet roads, slow down and keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you.


Did you know roads are at their most slippery when wet weather breaks after a long dry spell? Use our safe driving tips below and take extra care on the roads.

Rain after a dry spell can build a film of tar, rubber and oil, causing fine grit on roads to become greasy. Dirt surfaces and wet roads provide limited grip and require a gentler, more conservative approach behind the wheel.

Drivers take note:

  • First rule: slow down! On slippery surfaces the four small patches of rubber on your tyres will have greatly reduced grip.
  • Drive below the speed limit
  • On dry bitumen, you should maintain a two-to-three second gap between you and the car in front to give you time to respond to an emergency. On other surfaces or when it’s raining, you should double this gap.
  • Switch on your headlights

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