Belfast band member has laptop stolen from car

Belfast band member Adele Ingram is appealing to members of the public after thieves broke into her car while on a holiday in Wicklow.

Adele is a member of the all female band Wookalily.

Her car was parked in Brittas bay last Tuesday the 11th of July when the back window was smashed and items worth almost £ 2k were taken including a laptop and Manrig speaker.

The laptop contains loads of unseen footage of the band. 

A baby Taylor Guitar which was also in the car was not taken.

Adele said “The irony of the whole thing was we went down south to get away from the madness of the twelfth only for our car to be broken into.”

If you can help Adele or are offered any of the items pictured below call Wicklow Gardai at (0404) 67107.

Gardai are reminding car owners who are parking at the beauty spots and beaches in Wicklow to not leave valuables in their cars when parking up.

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