Call for Bray Councillors to protect Bray Heritage artifacts


Ian McGahon at the Bray Heritage Centre

An online petition has been set up calling on Bray Councillors to halt the neglect of the archives and artifacts abandoned in Brays former heritage centre.
Speaking on the issue Bray Labour Party Representative Ian McGahon said: The former heritage centre closed approximately a decade ago. Since then the building in front of the Royal Hotel on Bray Main Street has been occupied by small businesses and a lot of the old heritage centre items are abandoned carelessly in the building.
I have seen myself first hand that these valuable items charting our towns are left behind in a state of disrepair. Previous attempts to archive, document and preserve these historical artifacts have been lost. This is neglectful and disrespects the valuable heritage of our town.
I contacted Bray Municipal District Council to highlight the issue but was sent an unsatisfactory response that when resources become available the items will be documented. This isn’t good enough. It is now time for our Bray Councillors to act. I am calling on members of the public to sign the online petition at https://my.uplift.ie/p/Bray to respect and protect our towns heritage” concluded McGahon

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