Charlesland Mini League 2017

Paul and Melanie Smith, Colum and Karen Tinsely and Terry and Gillian Watson.

The Charlesland mini league began last year and was a great success and will take place again this year starting 31st-July. One of the founders of the event, Terry Watson was kind enough to share with us how it all began and what we have to look forward to this year,  they are looking forward to this year and guarantee it will be just a big a success as it was last year.  All the details for this year are below and as you can see it’s going to be a very fun packed event over the week of July 31st …. not to be missed!!


We came up with the idea of the Mini League after listening to a lot of parents around the area relating their concerns about what to do with their children once the school break hit. Most of the activities around the area cost a fortune and not everyone has the money to put their children into these activities.


So from the start we decided that our main ethos would be that what ever we came up with it had to be free to all. We decided on a football tournament because of the amount of young children in Charlesland. Plus any time you drive around the Charlesland estate all you can see is kids out playing football. We decided to have a two tier competition. The first tier would cater for 5 to 7 year olds and would be non competitive and the second would be for children aged 8 to 12 and this would be competitive.  


As last year was our first year we were unsure of what to expect and were amazed when 125 children signed up for the competition. Plus we had a waiting list of a further 25 children. We where a bit taken aback at the size of the interest and had our doubts on whether we could cater for such volumes. We powered ahead and had a stunning tournament.


We had great support from Councillor Jennifer Whitmore and we had so much sponsorship from local business people in the estate and from Greystones. Our main Sponsor was the EBS in Greystones who where brilliant and without them we would of never got off the ground. Another great sponsor was the local SuperValu in Charlesland. They gave us fruit and water for each child for every night of the league for the full week. It was a resounding success and the talk of Greystones for months after. 


Now we have our second year coming up. Starting on the evening of Monday the 31st-July from 6 to 9 each evening all of that week culminating on the full day on Saturday 05th of August. Again we have had great sponsorship from EBS and Supervalue Charlesland who have committed to giving us the same as they did last year. The difference this year is we are catering for 200 children. You can already feel the excitement building in the estate and the children are out every evening practicing their skills. So many local business people in the estate have sponsored us and our own companys that we work for have been great as well.


This year is much bigger than last year and we have so much happening for the kids. We have the local gardai coming to talk to the children and some of the players from Bray wanders have committed to coming on the Saturday to talk to the children and and give out trophies at the awards ceremony.


We have the local business of happy feet coming up to entertain our younger children while there siblings play in the football tournament. We will also have face painting and a family BBQ to round off the tournament.


The local civil defense unit from Wicklow are coming up on the Saturday to show off all of their hardware and equipment and put a few of the children and their parents through their steps.


There will also be first aid demonstrations by them which is a life saving skill for all to learn. By all expectations it looks like its going to be an amazing tournament and we would love for you to be a part of that. 


We have to say from Colum, Paul and myself none of this would have been possible if it was not for the support and dedication of our wives, They have been truly brilliant. 

Paul and Melanie Smith, Colum and Karen Tinsely and Terry and Gillian Watson.

Paul and Melanie Smith, Colum and Karen Tinsely and Terry and Gillian Watson with Councillor Jennifer Whitmore at last years event.

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