Holiday makers urged not to post pictures on social media

Now that the schools are closed and the holiday season is truly underway, Gardai and insurance companies are urging people not to post photographs or holiday details on Social Media.

Social media is a fantastic way to communicate with friends and families while your on holiday – but sharing too much can have disastrous consequences and just who is watching your posts.

The question is, would you advertise that your home will be vacant for two weeks ?. Answer no, then why post your itinerary on Social media.

Sergeant Colm Corrigan advised that if you are going on holiday, do not post holiday pictures until you are home, all you are doing is telling thieves your house is empty. Almost everyday you see on Facebook or Twitter pictures of people on the plane with the caption “Two weeks in the sun” with hotel and ticket information, people just don’t think.

Before going away leave a key to your home with a family member or friend, check all locks are up to date and leave on the house alarm if you have one.

Garda figures show that almost one in every four break-ins from June to August results from an unsecured door or window.

Analysis shows that break-ins are mostly likely between midnight and 4am, and between noon and 3pm.

Remember enjoy your holidays and don’t become a victim of Social Media.


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