Wicklow the North Korea of Ireland

Bray Kim

They say there is no smoke without fire, so could it be true.

For the second time in a number of days our lovely county has been described as the North Korea of Ireland.

Following the refusal of planning permission for Johnny Ronan’s sports hotel in Enniskerry, a property developer in the South East of the county used the term on Social Media.

Yesterday property developer and Bray Wanderers Chairman Gerry Mulvey said in a club statement ” To keep the club on a sound financial Footing and independently fund this academy and club forevermore, we do have a plan on how to do that.
This will be at no cost to the Exchequer or County Council. But when you operate in North Korea, these options are difficult to achieve, but we will achieve it.”

We took a look at how the landscape and history of the county has changed in a few hours.

The popular Bill Hill Facebook page posted ” On the bright side if we are the North Korea of Ireland then we can surely pretend that we’ve won all the All Ireland’s ever and that Don Jackman holds the course record in Pirates Cove after shooting 18 hole in ones and 37 Wexicans

While Wicklow Weather posted “Ladys and Gento’s we have been requested by the good chairman to rename Wicklow Weather, its with a heavy heart we shall now be known as the Peoples Weather of North Korea.
Welcome to #NorhKoreaagusWicklow #CuckooSeagulls “

(Pic.Wicklow Weather)



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