€77,877 of Government funding for extra childcare spaces for school age children in Wicklow


Minister Doyle welcomes €77,877 of government funding for extra childcare spaces for school age children in Wicklow making life easier for parents and families.

Minister Doyle said this funding is one of a raft of new measures to make thing easier for parents here.

“We are determined to reach out to parents and inform them of the supports that will be available to them from this September.

“The funding announced for School Aged Childcare services, totalling €77,877 here in Wicklow, will be used for the establishment of new SAC services as well as the expansion of existing services.

The following local childcare services have received funding under the scheme: Attracta’s Pre-school Shilleglagh €19,750, Buan Education Limited €5,322, Tus Nua Montessori and Playgroup Bray €13,160, St.Coens National School Rathnew €3,345, Wicklow Educate Together €16,454 and Little Explorers Childcare Limited €19,846.

“I strongly encourage all parents everyone with children in childcare to visit – affordablechildcare.ie – to see the supports available to their family.”

 An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar said: “In a Republic of Opportunity everyone should have the chance to access employment and education. Childcare can often be a barrier to this, whereas it should be a bridge to opportunity for parents, their children and our economy.” 

“These new subsidies will create greater parental choice and financial support for families so they can achieve their full potential. I’m delighted that investment made this year will help families begin to feel a difference in their pockets from September

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