Whitmore calls for vehicles blocking slipway to be towed

Greystones Coast Guard 4

Social Democrat Cllr. Jennifer Whitmore has called for Wicklow County Council and the management of Greystones Harbour to ensure that any vehicles that are found to block the slipway in the Harbour are towed immediately.

Whitmore said “Over the past few weeks, there has been a number of occasions where visitors to the Harbour have parked their vehicles at the top of the slipway, blocking access to the slipway. This means that, in the event of an emergency, the Coastguard would be prevented from launching their rescue boat. This could prove disastrous and it’s not something that we can allow happen.”

Whitmore continued “I raised this as a matter of urgency at the Greystones District Council meeting this week. It’s important that it is dealt with straight away. Specifically, I asked that any vehicles that are found blocking the slipway, and are causing a health and safety risk, are removed immediately. I have also asked that the yellow box at the top of the slipway be made larger and repainted, and that signs indicating a ‘tow zone’ are put in place, to ensure that everybody is aware that they cannot park in that location. These rules should only apply to those vehicles parking in a dangerous manner at the top of the slip, and existing parking rules should remain in place for all other areas.”

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