Do’s and don’ts for animals this Halloween

Halloween is a fun time for families, but unfortunately it can be distressing for pets. Wicklow Veterinary Clinic has some practical tips to help your pets through this time of year:


  • leave pets outside at this time of year. Fireworks and loud noises can make dogs and cats anxious. Make sure they have a quiet place inside.
  • allow your pet access to the front door when trick or treaters arrive as they can easily slip outside and escape.
  • reassure your pet if they become anxious, as your own anxiety can make the problem worse. Instead, ignore fearful behaviour such as panting, shaking and whining.
  • bring your pet trick or treating, as they can become spooked or aggressive.
  • leave your pet in a room with lighting candles. Easy to reach decorations can be eaten or knocked over leading to choking, electrical shock and even burns or a fire.
  • allow pets access to Halloween treats. Chocolate is toxic to pets and many sweets can be harmful.


  • walk your dog in the daylight this time of year, as there is less chance of fireworks being set off.
  • ensure your pet is microchipped and properly tagged. If they are found, they will be easier to identify.
  • provide distractions such as news toys or chews while fireworks are going on.
  • make sure all windows, doors and cat flaps are secure reducing your pet’s chance of escape.
  • provide litter trays for cats.
  • make sure small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs are safely secured in a garage or shed, and cover them with a blanket to muffle sounds.
  • contact Wicklow Veterinary Clinic should you suspect your pet has ingested something harmful.

The Clinic sells a wide range of calming products for cats, dogs and horses. These can give pets a sense of security and comfort in times of stress. Please contact Wicklow Veterinary Clinic for further information.

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